Responsible researcher: Antonio Pérez González
Entity: Universitat Jaume I
Address: Avda. Sos Baynat s/n, 12071 Castellón, España
Phone: (+34) 93 964 72 81 29


Grupo de Biomecánica y Ergonomía
This research group was formed in 1995 and since then it has been actively working in the field of Biomechanics. Specifically, his lines of research focus on 5 fields mainly: biomechanics of the human hand, design of artificial hands, dental biomechanics, Kansei engineering, ergonomics of hand tools and biomechanics of the lower limb (knee, foot). His main current contributions are in the field of hand biomechanics, where they have published numerous papers in international journals, some of which have been widely cited. The group organized the VIII Meeting of the Spanish Chapter of the ESB (2018).